Welcome to my blog!

Dear Design Friends,

This is my first blog post, so it's going to be about a topic that relates to decorating as much as to starting a blog: Feeling overwhelmed.

Do you ever put off a big project because it's too overwhelming? You don't know where to begin? You are worried you'll fail? You may end up spending a ton of money and regret it?

I understand. These are all reasons I hesitated starting my own interior design business.

These are also reasons I've heard from people who are unhappy with their home's interior design but are paralyzed by doubt.

They feel their home is not comfortable, relaxing, or reflective of their personalities, but are stuck.

You can do something about it. I’m going to be your partner and guide.

I am a problem-solver. I am a former litigator, but I am also a mother, wife, daughter, sister and interior designer who will guide you through various interior design questions.

What do you want to know? Some possible topics to start us off:

  • Trends-- how long do they last? How do I keep up?

  • Interviews with artisans and contractors--What makes for good workmanship? What makes their craft special?

  • Tips for being truly happy with your interior design-- and your interior designer.

  • Where to spend, where to save?

  • How do I incorporate antiques/hand-me-downs/ugly items my significant other can't part with?

  • When should I hire an interior designer? (And no, the answer isn't "always...keep one on retainer".)

You can Google a lot of these answers, as well as plenty of others, but the results aren't always helpful or consistent. The advice out there is sometimes excellent, sometimes ridiculous or misleading. Sometimes it belies an agenda.

In future posts, we'll dive into educational topics like furniture manufacturing, window treatments, historical styles and trends through the years. But we’ll also get into the burning questions that affect you most, like how do I choose paint colors??

Send me questions at dana@danaminteriors.com

Till next installment!